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Olivier Andrieu
Olivier Andrieu
The SEO Pope

Why should you Us SEOKEY?

SEOKEY is the plugin that will give you all the keys necessary to optimize your  website’s SEO on WordPress. 

An intuitive audit plugin to help you correct your SEO problems

We audit your content and the technical aspects of your website to advise you efficiently on the optimizations to implement. Icing on the cake: we use your current traffic data to improve our recommendations.

Optimisations automatiques SEO pour WordPress

Automatic SEO technical optimizations

In one click, you can correct dozens of SEO issues on WordPress without a developer : sitemaps, canonical tags, RSS stream, date-based archives, comments etc. Setting up an SEO plugin has never been that easy.

A complete SEO toolbox

SEOKEY automatically provides you with all the tools you need : connection to Google Search Console, real-time advice when writing your content, an editor for the alternative texts of your images, or the complete management of your redirections. 

An easy-to-use interface

SEOKEY is easy to use daily, whether you are auditing your website or writing content. At each step, we explain and guide you on the optimization to implement.


The %%title%% are a distant memory : you can finally focus on what is important.

They trust us!

The advantages of SEOKEY


A plugin designed by
SEO experts


A ready-to-use solution :
install and configure a single SEO extension


A support expert in SEO
ready to make your traffic take off!

SeoMix, the expert agency behind SEOKEY

Seomix SEO agency

SEOKEY is the project of SeoMix agency, expert and passionate SEO consultants!


Why is this important?

 Our agency has a real expertise on WordPress SEO. We have therefore added in SEOKEY everything a person may need to improve the visibility of a website, all with a simple language and an ergonomic interface.


The proof?

SeoMix is :

  • More than 10 years of experience on WordPress SEO
  • A book “Optimizing your WordPress SEO” published by Eyrolles (4ᵉ edition in 2021)
  • Numerous conferences given (WordCamp, SEOCamp’us, Webisland, etc.)
  • A contributor to WordPress Core and community, Daniel Roch.

Latest news from SEOKEY

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SEOKEY 1.8 is now available! Discover an even more powerful SEO audit for your WordPress, ACF analysis and the new FAQ blocks.
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Understanding search intent in SEO

Search intent refers to the user's primary need when performing a query. But how do you understand and use it in SEO? Here's the guide!
How to choose your SEO keyword?
WordPress SEO tips

How to choose your SEO keyword?

In all WordPress SEO plugins, you can choose a keyword. But how do you choose the right keyword? And what difference does it make?




  • Let us guide you with a simple and fast configuration;
  • Fix your technical problems in one click and get valuable advice to optimize your content ;
  • Analyze the performance of your pages in Google with the Search Console data;
  • Get support from SEO experts who are here to help you.

Webmasters or bloggers

  • An all-in-one solution that is easy to configure;
  • Correct your technical problems in one click without modifying a single line of code;
  • You can easily visualize contents that can be optimized;
  • Simply understand the recommendations to implement.

SEO Consultants

  • Save time to optimize the SEO on WordPress;
  • You can have access to useful and powerful SEO tools;
  • Quickly visualize your priorities.

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