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Optimize WordPress with a powerful SEO audit!

Are you wondering how to improve your search engine rankings? Want to attract more visitors to your website? Look no further!


Discover a powerful, fast and easy-to-use global audit tool. In just one click, scan 100% of your content to find out which elements need to be optimized or fixed.

With SEOKEY’s SEO audit, we answer the only question that matters:

What's THE next thing I need to do to improve my SEO?

SEOKEY SEO audit for WordPress

Audit all your content in one place

In WordPress, it’s hard to know which content needs improvement. With a single click, SEOKEY launches an in-depth analysis of all the content on your WordPress website.


Posts, pages and any other content type are sifted through to get an overview of all issues that need to be corrected.


With our unique WordPress SEO audit, there’s no need to go to different menus to get the full picture of your SEO!

SEO advice based on real traffic

During SEOKEY’s SEO analysis, we use your site’s real traffic data to give you global advice for each piece of content.


The goal is simple. For each piece of content, SEOKEY tells you what you need to do:


  • A keyword on page 2 or 3: keep optimizing
  • Content just published: please wait
  • No traffic data: check indexation
  • Keyword already targeted? Change it
  • Etc.

A realistic score

During each audit, SEOKEY assesses your visibility in Google to see how much work remains to be done. But the score of our SEO analysis is different. We evaluate both :


  • technical and content issues ;
  • the actual traffic for each piece of content.

The result? A realistic score for your visibility!

Fix one issue at a time

In the first tabs of the audit, view each issue separately.


This view is ideal when you want to focus on a specific issue, for example, correcting all your Title tags that are too long.


You’ll also be able to see content-related issues, as well as those linked to more global elements of your site!

View URLs with most issues

To be effective, it’s sometimes best to work on one content at a time. In our URL tab, you’ll first see the posts that need the most optimization.


Of course, this goes hand in hand with the main hint as to whether these optimizations are really important or not.

A background SEO audit

Do you have a lot of content? Is your website sometimes slow? No problem for SEOKEY: our SEO audit runs in the background and stops automatically if necessary.

So you can launch your audit with your eyes closed and go and have a cup of coffee!

What do our customers think of our SEO audit?

Guillaume Gourlaen
The plugin's "Audit" function is also well thought-out and gets straight to the point.

In my opinion, SEOKEY is a must-have for simply optimizing your site's SEO.
Guillaume Gourlaouen
There's the audit function, which displays recommendations for improving your SEO. Not generic recommendations, but recommendations linked to your WordPress, and connected to Search Console for live SEO data! And this is where I think the tool offers a unique feature.

The tool's innovative URL-based approach means that each page has one or more problems to solve!
Dan Inéolab
Dan Bernier

An SEO audit compatible with all your plugins

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