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News (Changelog)

Find here all the new features of SEOKEY PRO!

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  • Bugfix: fix Yoast global post type indexation value on data import
  • Bugfix: remove some PHP warning while importing data from YOAST and SEOPRESS



  • New: import SEO data from RankMath
  • New: import SEO data from SEOPress
  • New: automatic name attribute for mobile results on Google
  • Improvement: improved RangePrice and SameAs automatic markup
  • Improvement: wording and translations improvements (some of them were missing or fuzzy)
  • Improvement: fix and improved performances for “known content” function (SEOKEY will tell you if you need to check your settings when new content types are found)
  • Third-party: Genesis framework compatibility (their SEO functions are now disabled)
  • Third-party: remove automatic breadcrumbs switch from Yoast to SEOKEY (too many bugs from many themes)
  • Third-party: Elementor compatibility improved (avoid rare fatal errors with some themes)
  • Bugfix: Yoast import function improved (missing data for markup)
  • Bugfix: load correct translations if user has already downloaded translations from



  • Third-party: Changed the Search Console connection (better reliability with Oauth login). You may need to connect your Search Console account again.
  • Third-party: Better menu notification bubble function (avoid bugs when another function is filtering $menu global)
  • Third-party: Improved theme compatibility when using Yoast SEO breadcrumb functions
  • Bugfix: Avoid bad characters on sitemap generation



  • Improvement: better SEOKEY licence validation
  • Improvement: remove warning while connecting to your Search Console Account
  • Improvement: better automatic optimization display while using our Wizard
  • Improvement: better help message for some audit tasks
  • Improvement: adding a “contributing” file to project
  • Improvement: better performance when importing data from Yoast
  • Improvement: better performance when performing an audit
  • Improvement: improved performance for several other functions
  • I18N: adding missing French translations (we still have a few ones to add in the next few weeks)
  • I18N: fix bad text for max/min text counters
  • Bugfix: improved Yoast data import
  • Bugfix: avoid errors with uninstall functions
  • Bugfix: avoid another PHP error with PRO version when Free version is still active
  • Bugfix: avoid PHP error with PRO version when Free version is still active
  • Third-party: OceanWP support enhanced (fixes an OceanWP bug with Yoast breadcrumbs)

Note: version bump from 1.3.0 to 1.3.2 to match Free version.


* New:
SEOKEY is now compatible with many third party plugins such as Elementor, Divi or Beaver Builder
* New:
Free version is now available
* Improvement:
we keep improving English and French translations
* Improvement:
we also improved interface
* Bugfix:
force sitemap first creation when user uses the global wizard skip button
* Bugfix:
fix link from “Automatic Optimization” page to “Settings” page (french version)
* Third-party:
fix empty content found within audit metabox when ACF was activated
* Third-party:
add notice to warn user that SEOKEY is not yet fully compatible with WPML and Polylang


* Bugfix:
fix two errors with HTML breadcrumbs functions
* Third-party:
fix audit score CSS (when other plugins or themes are using a generic box-sizing rules)



  • New: import module for YOAST SEO data
  • New: new audit task (no internal links in contents)
  • New: new notice if PRO licence has not been activated (to avoid missing future updates)
  • Improvement: better suggestion advice when no valid Google Search Console has been found
  • Improvement: better English and French translation
  • Improvement: UX improvements
  • Improvement: better Title and Meta Description limits
  • Improvement: better density limit of a keyword (audit task)
  • Improvement: improve uninstall functions (more data is deleted if the user chooses to do so)
  • Improvement: increase data retrieved from Search Console Bugfix: add missing help messages (tooltips)
  • Bugfix: remove the “Redirection” plugin from the incompatible plugins list (it works fine now)
  • Bugfix: better tooltip position on hover
  • Bugfix: fix sitemaps URL if WordPress installation files are located in another folder
  • Bugfix: fix sitemap encoding (and avoid PHP warnings)
  • Bugfix: fix some PHP warnings on sitemap creation
  • Bugfix: fix wrong french links in some notifications (missing translations for slugs)
  • Bugfix: fix duplicate home breadcrumbs in some cases for post type “Post”
  • Bugfix: fix unskippable “new content discovered” notification
  • Bugfix: fix meta description automatic generation when shortcodes or pre tags are found at the beginning of the content
  • Third-party: fix sitemaps URL when using Really Simple RSS (because there is still an HTTP URL within the WordPress database)


  • New: French translation
  • New: new audit task (no images in contents)
  • Improvement: better suggestion advice for contents within Google top 10
  • Improvement: better english translation
  • Bugfix: Fix WordPress 6.0 PHP warnings
  • Bugfix: Help message for each task where not shown in audit tab while editing a content


  • Improvement: duplicate function cleaning (speed improvement)
  • Improvement: better image sizes for images in XML sitemaps
  • Bug fix: Fix incorrect contents shown in XML sitemaps
  • Bug fix: Fix duplicate image sometimes found in XML sitemaps
  • Bug fix: Fix incorrect characters in XML sitemaps
  • Bug fix: fix incorrect link in the “new content discovered” notice


  • Improvement: better wording for automatic redirection buttons
  • Bug fix: Fix meta description and title audit tasks: sometimes user changes were not taken into account
  • Bug fix: meta description and title audit tasks: better special characters count
  • Bug fix: special character encoding in some sitemaps URL
  • Bug fix: sitemap creation to avoid generating bad sitemap types
  • Bug fix: fatal error on license activation on some hosts
  • Bug fix: PHP warning with some menus


  • Bug fix: unwanted Search Console disconnections on some hostings.
  • Bug fix: shortlinks HTTP headers still here
  • Bug fix: Polylang Canonical tags with separate domains (Polylang compatibility is still a work in progress)
  • Bug fix: Polylang bad sitemaps generation
  • Bug fix: bad

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