SEO keywords directly in WordPress

Finally, a true overview of your SEO keywords!

We all want to improve our visibility: we write content and focus on relevant keyword phrases. But all too often, we miss the big picture.


With SEOKEY, that’s finally over! We’ve created the menu you’ve been missing, listing all the keywords you’re targeting!


The objective is simple: define your strategy and the next steps to follow for your content.

Define your WordPress SEO strategy

Keyword menu SEOKEY SEO Plugin

View your targeted keywords

Lost in WordPress menus? You can’t remember whether you’ve targeted a particular keyword on a post or a page?


With SEOKEY’s keyword menu, you can view all the keywords you’re targeting in a single place!

Real traffic data with Search Console

With Google Search Console, get real traffic data for each keyword targeted on your WordPress.


You’ll know which content performs well and which needs more work.

SEO advice for each content

The right advice for every keyword

For each targeted keyword, SEOKEY gives you the advice you need to improve your ranking.


You’ll know which keywords rank well, which ones are poorly chosen, which ones you should hold off on, and which ones you still need to improve.

Tips for choosing a keyword

Lost in the SEO jungle? Sometimes it’s hard to know how to select a keyword in WordPress.

In SEOKEY’s keyword menu, we give you valuable tips to help you learn how to choose a keyword.

Choose a keyword with SEOKEY
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