SEOKEY 1.7 is now available! Update your SEO plugin to enjoy the latest features and fixes.

💪An in-depth SEO audit

With SEOKEY 1.7 comes the first improvement iteration of our unique global SEO audit.

We’ve added 14 new audit tasks to give you extra tips to apply to all your content!

  • new audit task about publishing content more frequently
  • new audit task about 404 errors that require a 301 redirect
  • new audit task about WordPress automatic redirection that require validation or a different 301 redirect
  • new audit task about main keyword missing in the first part of your content
  • new audit task about contents with too muck links
  • new audit task about contents without featured image
  • new audit tasks about contents, terms and users without customized (and optimized) title tag and meta description
  • new audit task about terms without text description
  • new audit tasks about main keyword missing in title tag and in meta description
  • new audit task about users with published posts but without user biography
  • new audit task about WordPress default contents still being there (“Hello World!”)
  • new audit task about invalid or non-recommended characters in URLs

And as you’ll have seen, we’re also starting to audit your taxonomies (your categories, tags, etc.) and public author profiles.

SEO audit for WordPress with SEOKEY


💪Enhanced analysis

At the same time, we have corrected existing analyses. Some have become more efficient, like those on images or links, others more accurate, like the one on keyword density.

And all of them have been reshaped in the overall score to better reflect the real impact of each aspect on your SEO. Your score should therefore be more realistic and less harsh.

What's next?

SEOKEY 1.7 is only the first phase in the audit improvement. It will continue to grow and become more precise in later versions of our SEO plugin.

We’ll also soon be focusing on the dashboard and keyword menus to make them more relevant, more complete, and above all actionable for your SEO!

At the same time, we’ll be adding the few missing features that we’ve discussed with you. So, very soon, we’ll have :

  • the ability to add 410 codes to pages with errors
  • the possibility to audit ACF fields
  • adding a FAQ or summary block
  • mass validate or ignore automatic redirections
  • etc.

Do you have a particular need or desire for future versions?Let’s talk!

Daniel Roch

Daniel Roch

CEO of SeoMix & SEOKEY, SEO consultant & WordPress developer.

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