SEOKEY 1.2 is out! And we improved a lot of things!

Yoast Import

You are using Yoast SEO and want to switch to SEOKEY? We release our new import module!

Just hit the import button to copy all your settings and metas from Yoast SEO to SEOKEY !

Yoast SEO import for SEOKEY plugin

Audit is getting better

Our SEO Audit is also improved. First, we added a new task: we now warn you if you did not add any internal links in your contents.

Audit SEO amélioré : pas de liens internes

We have also improved several elements:

  • Our main advice now change if you have not connected a search console yet.
  • We improved the title and meta description maximum length.
  • The density task is now more reliable.
  • We retrieve more data from Search Console to be able to improve our advices.

And many more improvements

We fixed and improved many others things in our SEO plugin. Here is the full changelog :

  • New: import module for YOAST SEO data
  • New: new audit task (no internal links in contents)
  • New: new notice if PRO licence has not been activated (to avoid missing future updates)
  • Improvement: better suggestion advice when no valid Google Search Console has been found
  • Improvement: better English and French translation
  • Improvement: UX improvements
  • Improvement: better Title and Meta Description limits
  • Improvement: better density limit of a keyword (audit task)
  • Improvement: improve uninstall functions (more data is deleted if the user chooses to do so)
  • Improvement: increase data retrieved from Search Console
  • Bugfix: add missing help messages (tooltips)
  • Bugfix: remove the “Redirection” plugin from the incompatible plugins list (it works fine now)
  • Bugfix: better tooltip position on hover
  • Bugfix: fix sitemaps URL if WordPress installation files are located in another folder
  • Bugfix: fix sitemap encoding (and avoid PHP warnings)
  • Bugfix: fix some PHP warnings on sitemap creation
  • Bugfix: fix wrong french links in some notifications (missing translations for slugs)
  • Bugfix: fix duplicate home breadcrumbs in some cases for post type “Post”
  • Bugfix: fix unskippable “new content discovered” notification
  • Bugfix: fix meta description automatic generation when shortcodes or pre tags are found at the beginning of the content
  • Third-party: fix sitemaps URL when using Really Simple RSS (because there is still an HTTP URL within the WordPress database)

What’s next ?

We still have a lot of work to do in SEOKEY next versions. we will still improve our audit, many exciting things are yet to come.

Want to know more about our next versions? See our public changelog here :

Want to know more?

Daniel Roch

Daniel Roch

CEO of SeoMix & SEOKEY, SEO consultant & WordPress developer.

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